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We are always looking for better ways to do things, innovate and help people achieve their goals.

  • İstər istifadəsi, istərsə də dərs almaq istəyənlərə daha əlçatan olmaq baxımından olduqca faydalı bir platformadır. Sistemdəki funksionallıq lazımi materialların qarşı tərəflə rahatlıqla paylaşılmasına imkan yaradaraq online öyrənmənin çətinliklərini aradan qaldırır. Savadly axtardığınız iş fürsətini və xidməti evinizə gətirir. Təlimçi heyətinin üzvü olmaqdan məmnunluq duyuram!

    Sara M.
    Sara M.
  • Savadly komandasına dərin hörmətlə minnətdarlığımı bildirmək istəyirəm. Peşəkarlıq və əzmkar əmək nəticəsində ərsəyə əlverişli şəkildə istifadə edə biləcəyimiz (həm müəllimlər ,həm də tələbələr tərəfindən) online platforma yaradılıb. Materialların platformada hər zaman əlçatan olması, və tələbələrin istədikləri zaman keçdikləri mövzuları bir daha tapşırıqlar üzərində təkrar etməsi, qaranlıq qalan bir nüansda isə keçirilən dərsin təkrarına baxmaq çox böyük bir avantajdır. Sonda isə hər bir müəllimin öz dil bacarırlarını göstərmək,öz tədris metodu ilə tələbəni qısa bir video ilə yaxından tanış etmək, böyük bir üstünlükdür.

    Ulker R.
    Ulker R.

Frequently asked questions

FAQ for tutors

Is the first lesson free for the student?

No. The platform does not provide this option. However, as a test, student may purchase one lesson separately for the beginning to check the quality of the lesson and based on the student’s satisfaction, it will be mandatory to buy a package.

May I receive all of the funds from student purchases?

After each completed course, the tutor will receive a payment. It is not possible to make a payment after each lesson.

How is money credited to the tutor's account?

Each lesson is planned in the Calendar section and after it is completed. He or she can also add a homework assignment, test, exams, video or different kind of materials. The platform will automatically send the student a request to confirm and evaluate the lesson. Once that is done, the tutor will receive a payment according to the lesson duration and price per hour once the course is completed.

How is the scheme for the payment?

Student will have two choices, either to buy one lesson to check the quality of the lesson or to buy one of the available packages: 1,6, 8 or 12 hours. When student prepays the sessions through the platform you will receive an email confirmation and after the course or this one lesson is completed, the amount will be added to your account.

What is duration of my first lesson?

It is one hour by default for private and 1.5hours for group sessions either you take the full hour or not. We are unable to add another lesson from your remaining balance with your tutor, if the duration will be shorter than what you have paid for.

How much does it cost to register on Savadly?

Registration on Savadly is for free.

May I make an advertisement on Savadly?

We do not make any advertisement that belongs to other companies or other people. Our platform was created to help tutors and students find each other.

Can the tutor find students by himself?

Yes, visit the Find Students section of the website

How and when do I receive a review from a student?

Savadly sends an email to the students to leave a review for the tutor once the first course is completed. The given review till help the future students to find the right tutor and the student will take part in the rating process of the tutor. The review will be available in the tutor’s profile.

What should I do if the student asks for contact details to deal outside the platform?

Please explain to the student that we are investing the commission from the lessons into marketing, programming, banking, taxes and platform development. Being a part Savadly’s family means understanding and accepting our rules and principles as well as being honest with us.

How do I report an issue with my lesson?

Please follow below steps to report an issue:

1)Go to “Login system” section from your profile;

2) From left button corner chose “Support” ;

3) Chose your subject and enter your description;  

4) Press “Submit”. The ticket will be automatically forwarded to our support team.

What should I do if I won’t be able to give the planned lesson?

Please inform your student latest by 4 hours in advance of your scheduled start time. Additionally, you can reschedule or cancel your lesion in your “My Courses” during this timeframe.

How do I withdraw money from my tutor account?

You will receive an auto payment once or twice in a month when you complete all your courses.

I cannot save my profile/request/lesson/etc. When I click on save button nothing happens.

It can be a problem on your browser. We highly recommend to use one of the following browsers below:

  • Chrome (preferable)

  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

Old version of Internet Explorer and some other browsers are not supported by our website.

If you are using ad-blocking plugins, we recommend turning them off, as they may interfere with the functionality of the site. If you changed your browser but the problem is still remains the same, then try to clear your browser’s cache data.

If none of the instructions above do not help, try using the website from a different laptop or personal computer.

If the issue persist, please contact our support team with a description of the problem. Additionally, please provide screenshots of the errors that were appearing. We will be happy to help you resolving the issue.

Can I refund money back to the student if I am not able to give the planned lesson?

The payment for unused hours can be refunded to the student upon tutor’s request.

Platform Commission for Tutors

For all lessons, Savadly takes a commission fee from 30% to 20% (7% VAT is excluded) depending on the number of completed lessons with students. The more lessons you give, the less commission you pay.

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